Good Friends

Giddy Goat and Taddy Toad are good friends. 
One day, they decided to go for a picnic across the river. They wanted to ride on a speedboat. 
Giddy Goat put on his new coat.  Taddy Toad took his floral float.
They got on the speedboat. Suddenly, Taddy Toad had dropped his floral float.  Giddy Goat was mad. Oh.. oh.. Taddy Toad was very sad.


The toad and the goat
Were speeding on the boat
Oh.. oh..
But the toad on the boat
Suddenly dropped his float
Oh.. oh..
The goat got mad
                     And toad was sad
    Oh.. oh..

Mouse and Mr Stout

There is a mouse in the house.
Mr Stout sees the mouse in the house.
It eats the bean sprouts.
Mr Stout shouts, “Mouse! Mouse! Mouse!”
Mrs Stout shouts, “Out! Out! Out!”
Baby Stout shouts, “It’s in my blouse!”

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